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Does this clinic provide Covid 19 Testing?

Yes we do! Please call the clinic to schedule an appointment

  • We offer testing for patients who have had a known positive contact and symptomatic patients

  • We require an appointment with one of our providers if you are experiencing Covid like symptoms 

  • We do not offer asymptomatic tests for travel or other non-essential reasons 

  • As a courtesy we will bill your insurance, you are responsible for anything that your insurance does not cover 

What is new patient procedure?

Both providers are accepting new patients, please call 406-541-4700 to obtain a release of records form.

will my visit be covered by insurance?

Please contact your insurance provider for coverage questions.

Does this Clinic offer Covid Vaccinations?

At this time we do not offer Covid 19 Vaccinations. Please reach out to your pharmacy or primary provider for more information.